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31st Oct - 1st Nov 20
 Inno-Sci Cyber Security Academy

iNNO-SCI Cyber Security Academy 

VilVite - Bergen Science Center, Thormøhlens Gate 51, 5006 Bergen, Norway
31st Oct - 1st Nov 2020
09.00 - 16.00

Do you use a computer? Then this 2 day course is for you!


Inno-Sci Academy for Cyber ​​Security is a learning program for young people aged 13-17, who want to increase their digital skills, practice leadership and gain insight into innovation principles.


We explore the following topics:

  • Cyberethics

  • Cyber ​​threats

  • The principles of cybersecurity

  • How to share personal information on social media

  • Tips for safe Internet use

You will:

  • Understand what it takes to be safe in today's digital world.

  • Learn from experts in the field of computer security.

  • Gain insight into topics around our daily use of technology.



  • Dr. Isah A. Lawal, B.Eng. (Hons.), M.Sc., Ph.D., MIET.

  • Malin Amankwa, MSc Technology Management

  • Nick Murison, Security Practice Lead at Miles AS

Info: 4 days before the start, attendees will receive information and other practical info.

  • There is limited space!

  • Bring your own laptop.

  • Lunch is included both days

  • Due to the international mix of supervisors and subject areas, the Cyber Security Academy program is conducted in Norwegian and English.


If you want more information email to


Co-sponsors: Innovation Norway and VilVite.

Price: NOK 1,500 per participant. 

Registration deadline: No later than 5 days before start.


"Creating Future Leaders & Lifetime Empowerment Opportunity for the Next Generation"

What is iNNO-SCI?

We believe in sustainable development of future endeavours where all humans will thrive and be empowered!


According to experts, children at early ages are naturally endowed with entrepreneurial skills. Most often, they lose their bold, imaginative and creative talents as a result of societal pressures and old-world order educational systems designed to create boundaries. What if, that does not happen to your child? 


What if your child, and indeed, every other child, had an open window of life opportunity at an early age, when the right amount of learning and support at the right time could produce children whose talents were available for a lifetime?


What could this new breed of determined and empowered child become?


At Inno-Sci we empower young people for a lifetime, by offering hands-on programs and tapping into their natural talents.


At Inno-Sci, our goal is to show young people that they have the confidence, energy, creativity that ultimately make them influential human beings with added value to society and mankind.










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