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Providing Innovation, Science, Technology and Entrepreneurial Driven Education Programmes and Applying the Digital Learning Model in Childhood

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Inno-Sci Summer Camp School
4th - 7th Aug 2019
Basic Improvisation for the Young Musician 
7th Aug 2019

"Creating Future Leaders & Lifetime Empowerment Opportunity for the Next Generation"

What is iNNO-SCI?

We believe in sustainable development of future endeavours where all humans will thrive and be empowered!


According to experts, children at early ages are naturally endowed with entrepreneurial skills. Most often, they lose their bold, imaginative and creative talents as a result of societal pressures and old-world order educational systems designed to create boundaries. What if, that does not happen to your child? 


What if your child, and indeed, every other child, had an open window of life opportunity at an early age, when the right amount of learning and support at the right time could produce children whose talents were available for a lifetime?


What could this new breed of determined and empowered child become?


At Inno-Sci we empower young people for a lifetime, by offering hands-on programs and tapping into their natural talents.


At Inno-Sci, our goal is to show young people that they have the confidence, energy, creativity that ultimately make them influential human beings with added value to society and mankind.


iNNO-SCI Summer Camp School

Four Days of Innovation, Science & Technology courses for 10-17 year olds
4th - 7th Aug 2019
3:00 pm

The Innovation and Science Summer Camp for junior and high school students (10-17 years old) will be held 4th - 7th August 2019 at the Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall at the University Of Ghana Legon-Accra. The camp is proud to present 1 workshop and 3 courses:



  • Game Design & Story Telling for 10-15 Yrs

  • Mobile Apps Development - Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)​ 13-17 Yrs

  • Robotics Electronics 10-17 yrs

  • Workshop - Basic Improvisation for the Young Musician



The annual Innovation and Science Summer Camp, designed to underscore the importance of Innovation, Science, and Technology, will host up to 50 students from regions throughout Ghana. Students will be selected based on their desire to use out-of-the-box thinking to generate new values that will bring about significant changes in society.


During the 4 day residential camp at the Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall at the University Of Ghana Legon-Accra, students will receive classroom and field instruction from accredited International English-speaking University lectures and instructors from Norway, UK, Brussels and Ghana with projects designed to enhance their skills and knowledge in a wide variety of programs for examples in coding by designing and constructing their own fun game and program.


The camp will also help students shape and build their innovative skills as they work in teams to develop creative and scientific projects that will be evaluated by instructors during the camp’s final session. The camp will also focus on empowerment as students create and evaluate scientific and technological responses to solve problems.

Game Design & Story Telling
10-15 year olds

In this course, students learn storytelling and game design fundamentals. In the end, Kids get to create their own animation stories and games using basic computer programming concepts picking apart some of their favourite games with the course instructor. Students will learn:


  • Introduction to the Game Industry

  • Game Design Fundamentals

  • Game Narrative and Character Design

  • Recreate classic games on Scratch

  • Making Interactive Animations

  • Creating positive & negative feedback systems

  • Test and debug your game

  • Presentation time: On your last day, share with your parents what you’ve learnt!


Mobile Apps Development - Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
13-17 year olds

Apps are everywhere! But have you ever wondered what goes into the making of an app? In this course, students will learn about Artificial Intelligence and also how to use human-centred design to build apps that able to tell the emotions of people just by looking at their photos. Students will learn:


  • Introduction & History of  mobile app industry

  • Getting started on Thunkable

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision

  • Design & Wireframing the User Interface

  • Using cameras, sensors of the phone

  • Working with databases

  • Presentation time: On your last day, upload your app to the Google Playstore and share with your parents what you’ve learnt!


Robotics Electronics
10-17 year olds

Students will be introduced to Arduino robot kits and Arduino programming, including C++, of which no previous knowledge is required. You will learn:


  • Electronics

  • Water Analogy

  • Electronics Components

  • Electronics Principles

  • Programming

  • Object Oriented Programming Analogy

  • Arduino Programming Language

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts 


Workshop-Basic Improvisation for the Young Musician

This event will introduce participants to improvisation in the music business, bass, piano, saxophone, and jazz style.


Improvising trains your ear to hear and identify whether you’re producing the sounds you intended, or not. As students get better at this, it can also help them compose their own pieces in the future.


Improvising teaches you to plan and to think ahead and allows for self-expression.



Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across Ghana

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