As a Sponsor, what's in it for you?

4 most important reasons why your business should consider sponsoring iNNO-SCI

Your Sponsorship will contribute immensely to the promotion of the much-needed innovation skill development in children and among the youth. You will also be contributing to drive positive societal changes through collaborations in innovation, science, technology projects and impact investing.

1. Put your business front and centre

Sponsoring the Innovation, Technology and Science programme will provide your business with authority in your industry and boost your credibility in new markets, subjects and areas of interests.


 As a Business to Business (B2B) sponsor of Inno-Sci events, we can offer a lot more than just displaying your logo. We will offer you sponsorship packages that include a speaking spot. This is a fantastic way to showcase your expertise to a large and engaged audience. 

2. Get in front of your targeted market

From our targeted international and local attendees and programmes, you are likely to meet thousands of people in your targeted market, who you can build networks and relationships with.



3. Generate strong leads

Inno-Sci events are a great way to generate quality leads because many of the young people who attend are program are actively interested in new ways of delivering innovation, science and technology-based programs and improving aspects of their lives and future generations. Many of the businesses who attend our events are interested in learning new technological solutions and innovative ways of doing things. 


4. Deliver great ROI

Sponsoring Inno-Sci event is worth the investment, because of our clear goals. We believe your sponsorship will contribute immensely to a well-planned event and as a company that supports the UN sustainable goals. This will generate quality leads, increase your brand reach and exposure, put you in front of your targeted market and best of all, build your brand’s authority now and in future generations.



We look forward to a positive response and can’t wait to sign a sponsorship agreement. 



We are ready for the next step.

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