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As a Sponsor, what's in it for you?

4 most important reasons why your business should consider sponsoring INNO-SCI

Your Sponsorship will contribute immensely to the promotion of the much-needed innovation skills development. You will also be contributing to drive positive societal changes through collaborations in STEM projects and impact investing in your community.

We educate women, and under-represented minorities to suit the growing demand for IT in Norway  


Picture yourself moving to a foreign country without knowing their culture and the language, but despite your education and a long CV you are having difficulties landing a job. 

What do you do? 

At Inno-Sci we aim to tap into a previously underutilized working pool of brilliant women in the ever-expanding landscape of IT. We offer three different courses within Cybersecurity in parnership with Microsoft, an AWS restart Cloud Computing program in collaboration with Amazon and the UI&UX - Design thinking GoIT program with Tata Consulting Services. Our courses are divided into acquiring the skills to fit the workplace, courses either refreshing or educating in new topics as well as an exam at the end. 


Furthermore, we would like to build relationships resulting in philanthropic generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations which has been a key element in Inno- Sci’s rise to Nordic leadership in education and research for digital gaps. 


The Key Selling Points Are: 


  • To work closely with the Alumni Association and a network of reunion and fundraising volunteers to generate private support for a broad range of purposes, including sponsorships/scholarships, mentorships, research, STEM, and the arts, among others. 

  • Acquire strategic partners as businesses which our students can fill different positions and experience how it is to work with real life cases. 

  • Cooperate with philanthropic partners who has experienced some of the difficulties we are trying to solve who wants to give back to the community 

  • As Social Entrepreneurs we especially take pride in our role supporting the industries and local communities. We were the Winner of Nordic Women in Tech Awards in 2022 for the application of science, technology, and scholarship to proactively bridge the digital  gaps.

Some of the benefits for you, your company, and the city you live in include:
1. Put your business front and centre

Sponsoring our Innovation and Science programs will provide skills training for young people, particularly women

in the relevant STEM skills. There by Advancing the inclusion of underrepresented women in Technology, Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Arts and Entrepreneurship

2. Get in front of your targeted market

Your sponsorship will boost job creation, increase your credibility in new markets and areas of interest in your industry.

3. Generate strong leads

Inno-Sci events are a great way to generate quality leads. Your sponsorship will build local talent, create thousands of good quality jobs and investment in your local economy.

4. Deliver great ROI

As a company that supports the UN Sustainable development goals, your sponsorship will enhance your company's reputation as a community partner who cares in bolstering the job growth and economic vitality of your community. 


We look forward to a positive response and sign a sponsorship agreement. 

Are you ready to take the next step?

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