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Vijaya Krishnamoorthy: The Brainobrain CEO on Education, Career, and Following the Dream!

February 08, 2021

By Eunice Hammond-Mørklid

Photograhed by Vijaya Krishnamoorthy

The #Inno-scistories feature is part of our series on women of our community who inspire us. From entrepreneurs, students, and consultants starting their own businesses to executives changing the game at the highest levels, we’re lucky to be able to learn from these incredible role models.

"Creating Future Leaders and Lifetime Empowerment Opportunity for the Next Generation"

Mechanical Engineer and Brainobrain CEO Vijaya Krishnamoorthy is no stranger to transitions. Vijaya's passion has always been to teach and motivate young Children to do their best. So she started the Brianobrian in 2013 in Norway. Recently expanded into 45 countries with 975 successful training centres worldwide. Brainobrain has transformed the lives of more than 200,000 children globally with its high-quality programmes. She is an industry expert with deep experience in teaching children.

From starting up in Norway and expanding to Denmark and France, she knows how to work a busy life schedule, but has had to adapt quickly to a different kind of chaos — starting a dream job in a foreign land over the years and managing a full staff.

We got a chance to speak to her about what exactly an executive at Brianobrain does, what it’s been like following her dream, and her mentors.

How did you get started into Teaching?

I finished my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in 2001. After finishing Engineering degree there was a big question mark in my life.

"What i´m going to do next???"

I understood that I was not passionate for Mechanical Engineering, and somehow I joined the course and completed the degree programme.

Basically I knew that I have the quality of patience in me. I also had an urge in me to start a Private Tuition center for Children in the city i lived in Chennai, India. Through that I found that I have a passion for Teaching. Then In 2003 I started working with Brainobrain as a Teacher. This is how I found the passion for the Teacher in Me. For some years I worked fulltime in the Software industry as a Senior Quality Engineer, to support my Family whilst also working with Brainobrain as a Teacher during the weekends as a side job.

How strange was it to start a new, high profile job internationally?

I arrived in Norway in April 2013. Before coming to Norway I resigned my Engineering job in India in a company called CSC where I was working. Because I had my Dream that I should start something on my own and it must be in the field of Education. I felt like life brought me here, so i initiated my dream in Norway.

It was not strange, because i had a strong thought im not going to work anywhere as an employee, and i should run my own Organisation.

I am happy that MY DREAM CAME TRUE:-)

Did you know what you were getting into when you were just starting out?

Initially I didn´t know that I will come here and start Brainobrain and the business eco-system was quiet different and new for me.

When I initiated Brainobrain in Norway, I had a thought that I should find a minimum of 5 kids as a Group to start with and see the results of kids. Luckily I got some 10 to 12 kids as our first group of kids. I realised that all Parents in the world want their kids to grow happily and be smart. So, whether it is Norway or India, when it comes to education a parents' needs or thoughts will be the same for their Children except the Cultural difference. I also knew kids will benefit immensely when they undergo Brainobrain Training from any part of the world. So, I took a leap and registered with the Company Brainobrain Norway and started the training with few kids initially.

There was a lot of hardwork and mentoring involved in the beginning which gave me the support and the chance to learn from others, and how business works in Norway.

That helped me alot along the way as we expanded our locations.

What has been different about running a company compared to your previous work, which was primarily in Mechanical Engineering?


The thing is when we love what we do, we don't think like we are working.

Living Life with my Purpose is my motto. For me that is "Educating and Training the Future generation (Children) to realize their maximum potential". When we Focus on our Vision, It leads us to enjoy and Learn from the experiences which comes on the way. Keep on Learning through all the experiences day by day. As a teachers, realising the importance of the Teachers' role to each and every child we meet.

I eat and breathe with Brainobrain (Children and Team) except my Sleeping time :-)

I started with one teacher in Bergen, that is myself, Now we have 16 Teachers in Brainobrain Norway.

I'm sure, my team of teachers have a great learning experience through their Brainobrain Journey with Brainobrain kids. Working with my Team everyday through this journey, and to realise the role of the Teacher to the Society has been a wonderful experience for us.

We now operate our Training Centers in Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, Asker, Drammen, Kongsberg, Trondheim in Norway.

Have there been any mentors along the way that made a big impact on you?

When i think of mentors who have impacted my life greatly, first of all I think of my father, R krishnamoorthy who taught me life values through his experiences and knowledge.

I also think of Anand Subramaniam, the Managing Director of Brainobrain International who was my turning point in my life and who helped me understand my true purpose of life. He made me realise my potential and who I´m today. The Confidence he had in me helped to push myself to work harder during each phase of Brainobrain Norway. He taught me the "NEVER GIVE UP" attitude through his organizational skills and mentoring.

Mr. Gowrisankar, my husband is a silent mentor in my life through his attitude, and a great support for me all the time and at any time. Without his support it would have been very difficult to balance both my personal life and My Dream.

Not forgetting Mr.Olav Langum from Batteriet who always encouraged me when I initiated Brainobrain in Norway.

Favorite book?

My father´s life story from his childhood is my favorite book; made to understand and realise the meaning of Hard Work from my school days. And everyday learning through life experiences happening around me is my favourite book.

Favorite movie?

There is no such particular favorite movie. But Most of the 1950 to 1980 years Tamil language movies and its songs which always taught me life lessons and values. So I listen to those songs to motivate myself whenever I need to.

Technology has become more personal and portable. As a teacher what are some of the skills/ tech products that have helped you along the way?

I must say tech communication devices that promote a more sustainable education for children are of interest.

As a Teacher, being patient and most importantly the Communication skills and Creative thinking and technical skills to deliver the knowledge and Information to the people is important .

As a Teacher myself, and looking at how techers have helped changed the life journey of all of us I have come to accept that the " TEACHER is the most IMPORTANT PERSON" to the Society-shaping the Future generations.

Something that would surprise people about you?

I hope that my Patience and hardwork surprises people about me.

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