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iNNO-SCI Holds Maiden Edition of Youth Summer Camp

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

The maiden edition of INNO-SCI Youth Summer Camp was held at the Achimota School in Accra.

The four-day youth summer camp was held under the auspices of INNO-SCI, an organization which provides innovative, science, technological and entrepreneurial driven educational programs.

Coding Class - learning Algorithms.

The camp was held on the theme: “Creating lifetime empowering opportunities for the next generation” and targeted children between the ages of 10 to 20 years, who were taken through courses in Coding, Robotics and Architecture and Design”.

Participants used innovative means to develop games, sketch designs and taken through how to balance the body and other scientific methods.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the camp on Wednesday, Eunice Hammond- Mørklid, Chief Executive Officer of INNO-SCI, stated that the summer youth camp was designed to underscore the importance of innovation, science and technology for junior and senior high school students.

“We selected students based on their desire to use out-of-the-box thinking to generate new values that will bring about significant changes in society,” she said.

The goal of INNO-SCI, according to the CEO is to show young people that they have the confidence, energy and creativity that ultimately make them influential human beings with added value to society and mankind.

Professor Petter Bergerud, of the Institutt for Design, Department of Design, University of Bergen, Norway (taught Architecture & Design), disclosed that the camp helped students to be creative and work on scientific projects which were evaluated by the facilitators.

“The students learnt how to think globally but locally by using things in their environment which they can relate to. They learnt how to build pyramids which were turned into a tower during the architecture course,”

The camp focused on empowering students to create and evaluate scientific and technological responses to solve real-life problems, he added.

He urged parents to encourage their children to participate in such programs in order to shape their thinking.

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