iNNO-SCI Innovation & Technology Bootcamp 

5 Day Inno-Sci Innovation & Technology Bootcamp for 13-17 year olds
22nd - 26th Jun 2020
09.30 - 15.00

The INNO-SCI Innovation & Technology Bootcamp is an accelerated learning program for 13-17 years old students to gain digital skills, practice leadership and innovation principles at childhood. The Bootcamp will be held in Bergen - Norway. In addition, students will have lectures from Accredited Experts and Scientists on Machine Learning and Cybersecurity.

In one week, the Bootcamp will provide you with skills in Machine learning, Cybersecurity and in building an entrepreneurial mindset.

You will come out understanding the potential of these technologies and how to apply innovation to real life situations.

What’s more, you will gain insight about technology’s role in solving global challenges.

You will attend lectures in Cybersecurity and Machine Learning from INNO-SCI instructors, and work on project teams in one week.

Spread out over 5 days, the Summer program includes a series of courses hosted by an international selection of tutors. In this first edition we look at Machine Learning and Cybersecurity as related to our everyday use of technology. Through analytical and hand-on projects we will challenge students to think about present and future definitions of Technology and Innovation.


In addition to the core course program, the program will include surprise presentations from some well-known Innovative People in the Bergen Region on selected Days, which is free and open to all students enrolled.

We are a Diversity and Inclusive driven program. It’s time to innovate! Join our global community of student’s innovators.

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Summer Camp Courses

Cyber Security
13-17 yrs

This course will introduce participants to Cybersecurity and is offered to both boys and girls from 13 – 17 years.


Date: June 22nd – 26th 2020

Venue: Lynghaug skole Bergen

Price: 1,500 kr

* Bring your own laptop

Throughout the boot-camp, the following subject matter is explored:


  • Cyber ethics

  • Cyber-threats

  • How secured are we on the internet? 

  • What we should be aware of when sharing personal information on social media 

  • Security Awareness for Kids: Tips for Safe Internet Use 


Machine Learning
13-17 yrs

AI and algorithms are everywhere but have you ever wondered what goes into how robots are able to make decision in the moment? In this course, students will learn about Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence and also how to use data to solve problems.

Date: June 22nd – 26th 2020

Venue: Lynghaug skole Bergen

Price: FREE with the Cyber Security Course

Throughout the boot-camp, the following subject matter is explored:

  • Introduction & History of Machine Learning industry

  • The basics machine learning

  • How to use machine learning to solve challenges

  • Machine Learning Mind sets

  • Identifying Good and hard Problems for Machine learning

  • Lab work