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Tuesdays - Mar 2021
Women Alternative Investments
1st Mar - 3rd Mar 2021
Introduction to Web Development


"Creating Future Leaders & Lifetime Empowerment Opportunity for the Next Generation"

What is iNNO-SCI?

We believe in sustainable development of future endeavours where all humans will thrive and be empowered!


According to experts, young people at early ages are naturally endowed with entrepreneurial skills. Most often, they lose their bold, imaginative and creative talents as a result of societal pressures and old-world order educational systems designed to create boundaries. What if, that does not happen to your child? 


What if your child, and indeed, every other young person, had an open window of life opportunity at an early age, when the right amount of learning and support at the right time could produce youths whose talents were available for a lifetime?


What could this new breed of determined and empowered youth become?


At Inno-Sci we empower young people for a lifetime, by offering hands-on programs and tapping into their natural talents.


At Inno-Sci, our goal is to show young people that they have the confidence, energy, creativity that ultimately make them influential human beings with added value to society and mankind.










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